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Lewis and Clark Expedition - The Corps of Discovery


Lewis and Clark Expedition Map by Jennifer Thermes


On May 2, 1803, the United States bought 828,000 square miles of land called the Louisiana Territory from France.  President Thomas Jefferson always dreamed of expanding the United States and now his dream had come true. 


But now what?

This huge piece of land was unmapped and it doubled the size of the United States; who would explore the territory?


After President Jefferson convinced Congress that the land needed to be explored, he hired former US Army Captain Meriwether Lewis to lead the way.  The links below provide much information about this incredible journey and history on the last great frontier.

Come along for the journey and let's explore Lewis & Clark's expedition.



Lewis and Clark Expedition, with Sacajawea. By Edgar Samuel Paxson 1804-06


PBS Lewis and Clark Journey Game


Library of Congress, President Jefferson's Instructions to Lewis &; Clark for the Journey's Purpose


PBS Lewis and Clark Expedition


The Journals of Lewis &; Clark


The Natural History of Lewis &; Clark, Read About the Animals They Discovered



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